Equipment for On-Hold Telephone Messages

If your telephone system requires equipment to play back your On-Hold message, Productions V.I.P. offers the possibility of buying or renting the digital On-Hold device that best suits your needs.

More and more, the new telephone systems allow customers to simply receive a WAV file or MP3. If this is the case for you, we will send the appropriate file by email as soon as your On-Hold message is produced.

Characteristics of Digital On-Hold Units

Made for commercial usage, the Productions V.I.P. digital devices are robust and reliable. They rarely break down and consume very little energy! Ask those who had (and still have) a tape digital unit.

Whether remote devices, auto charge on CD, USB key or tape, all equipment sold or rented by Productions V.I.P. have the following characteristics:

  • Non-volatile memory: The message stays recorded, even with a power outage;
  • 4-minute recording capacity. However, the memory can be increased for a longer recording;
  • Simple and rapid installation. Just plug the device into the “music” jack of your telephone system (MOH). For REMOTE models, either your fax line or extension number must be assigned for Productions V.I.P. to download the message.

Overview of Equipment Offered by Productions V.I.P.

Diffuseur à téléchargement

Remote Digital On-Hold Unit

This is a very simple device and once installed, requires no handling. Productions V.I.P. takes care of downloading your message at the time and date you choose. You receive an email confirmation that your new message has been downloaded and that’s it!

Diffuseur à clé USB

USB Key Digital On-Hold Unit

If you choose this type of device, the MP3 file of your On-Hold message is emailed to you. You only have to make a copy/paste on the USB key, and then insert it into the device. There is very little handling. MAC and PC compatible.

Diffuseur à lecteur CD

CD Player Digital On-Hold Unit

This device is designed to automatically play back your On-Hold message when the CD data is inserted into the player. It will record the new message over the old one…very little handling!

Diffuseur à cassette

Tape Digital On-Hold Unit

Is your old tape device still good? All the better! Simply insert the tape and it will be recorded in the unit’s memory. You can even remove the tape from the device and save it elsewhere.
Productions V.I.P. still has tapes for this type of device.

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