On-Hold Telephone Messages

A Marketing Approach At Your Fingertips!

On-Hold telephone messages are heard by your customers when they are put on hold or during a call transfer. And while allowing the customer a more pleasant and informative waiting time, they also allow you to efficiently maximize this time bolstering your company.

Whether to inform your customers about your products and services, your achievements, promotions, or to encourage them to follow you on social media, On-Hold telephone messages are the perfect way to arouse their curiosity.

Nothing else needs saying! It’s the perfect complement to your marketing strategy, a way to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Usually, On-Hold telephone messages last four minutes and are composed of 8 “advertising” or “corporate” messages. All are interspersed with courtesy pauses and background music of your choice.

Because we don’t talk about a good BBQ chicken in the same way as a relaxing outing in a spa, the experienced Productions V.I.P. narrators will adapt to your content.

Voice Style Corporate Travel Restaurant

Voice Style Humor Romance Corporate

Voice Style Relaxation Corporate Festive

On-Hold Message Example French Version


Productions V.I.P. offers the following options to respond to your needs:

  • Turnkey services: conception, copywriting and translation of texts;
  • Productions in the language of your choice;
  • Recording with male or female professional narrators;
  • Choice of varied music with sound effects, if desired;
  • Frequent production changes as determined by you;
  • Production contract of 12, 24 or 36 months without intermediary;
  • Can include the purchase or rental of digital On-Hold Messages devices.

The costs vary according to language, number of messages produced annually, as well as the number of branches, if applicable.

“If your customers only hear silence or a tone (beep) while waiting, they may think they have been forgotten on the line. Don’t let them hang up before speaking to them.“

Tips And Tricks From Our Copywriters

Are you offering a new service or product? Have you earned a distinction worthy of mentioning? Do you want to emphasize an important upcoming event? So many subjects which could interest your customers while they are waiting on hold. The Productions V.I.P. team will take charge of copywriting your texts according to your needs and expectations.

  • Your message should say only what is necessary and intrigue your customers to want more details;
  • Simple and short sentences to retain customer interest;
  • Tell us about your promotions, new acquisitions, and so forth, that you want in your message;
  • Change your messages regularly. The new On-Hold message will attract attention;
  • Don’t try to say everything. Know how to prioritize. Another production could follow!
  • Writing an On-Hold message is much different from a press release or a flyer. Entrust the conception of your texts to the Productions V.I.P. professionals to get the maximum impact from your messages!


The goal of an On-Hold message is to inform customers and to make your company known to them. The music should not dominate the message but simply be an accessory in the background. Of course, your musical tastes and those of your customers can be different which is why a new soundtrack will be used when you change productions. Different music styles are available: jazz, blues, classical, popular, rock, world music, alternative, etc.

The experienced personnel at Productions V.I.P. know what to propose that will harmonize with your type of business. Have confidence in them!

“Productions V.I.P., where we master how to say it!”